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08 October 2018

The most powerful 3D X-ray Microscope on the market with spatial resolution reaching down to 40nm

Highest resolution 3D X-ray Microscope, with multi-energy flexibility for accelerating research in advanced laboratories

Sigray’s NanoXRM-40 3D X-ray microscope is the highest resolution (40 nm) laboratory x-ray microscope in the world, with the power to image internal nanostructure and optimised performance in a wide range of samples, spanning everything from cells and polymers to geological samples and metals.

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01 October 2018

SPECIM IQ - offering endless application possibilities

Specim IQ opens up plenty of new possibilities for hyperspectral imaging, both in the existing as well as in totally new application fields such as vegetation research, food analysis, crime investigation and much more!

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26 September 2018

WITec GmbH will be your new partner for Raman Spectroscopy in the UK and Ireland

On the 30 September 2018, WITec GmbH will terminate its distribution arrangement with its partner Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd. This move is part of a re-structuring and expansion in local support and in order to have a direct presence in many local markets such as in the UK and Ireland.

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18 September 2018
Electron Microscopy

GETec Microscopy - the leading solution for AFM in SEM

AFSEM™ lets you simultaneously image your sample with high resolution, create true 3D-topography representations, and accurately measure heights, distances and even material properties, all while maintaining the large SEM field of view to position your AFSEM™ cantilever exactly where you want it.


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