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MMC 2019

01 July 2019 - 04 July 2019

EVENT VENUE: Manchester Central

The international mmc2019 conference will comprise over 30 symposia, with excellent speakers and vibrant supporting poster sessions.

Visit us on stand 721 to discuss a variety of instruments from our suppliers.

Commercial Workshops at MMC

Please check the MMC website to see the Commercial Workshops that we are running.

Our suppliers:

NanoMEGAS specialises in tools for electron diffraction (ED) applications such as electron diffraction crystallographic tomography, automated orientation and phase mapping analysis, and strain and plastic deformation analysis.

DENSsolutions creates in-situ solutions for dynamic sample manipulation in TEM environments, such as in-situ heating, biasing, gas and liquid flow over a sample. This allows one to perform advanced techniques such as liquid phase microscopy and examination of controlled chemical reactions using a TEM.

Tomocube’s HT-1 label-free holographic microscope is a designed to let researchers view live cells using holographic microtomography technology and delivers non-invasive, real-time quantitative data with the highest resolution on the market today.

GETec’s AFSEM is an add-on that allows atomic force microscopy to be integrated within a SEM or dual beam microscope within the microscopy vacuum chamber. The complimentary image data of AFM and SEM enable unique characterisation of your sample.

SCREEN Cell3iMager bright field scanners designed to simplify and accelerate quantitative and qualitative measurement of 3D spheroids

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