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Measuring crust color with hyperspectral imaging

28 November 2018

In the baking industry, it is possible to determine the exact crust color and adjust the baking process to improve the product quality. This will lead to a reduced amount of waste and, as a result, reduced cost.  Push-broom technology makes it possible to measure every point of the target, which ensures that the product is not unevenly baked.  What is more, the single line of measurement used with the push-broom method requires that only the measurement line needs to be illuminated, which reduces the amount of lighting needed.

To test the suitability of hyperspectral imaging in the baking industry, Specim measured buns with different baking times and crust color. The test results demonstrated that baking time affected the Lab color values. The L-values, which measure the lightness/darkness, diminished as the baking times increased. The overcooked buns also had clearly lower b-values than others.

From these results, it is quite simple to determine acceptance limits for baked goods that helps not only to sort the products based on quality but also to adjust the baking process to achieve the best results

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Specim Hyperspectral cameras can be used for many applications such as Art Conservation, Remote Sensing in Agriculture, and Food fraud detection.  Find out more here

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